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Kissing and Cavities: Safer Snogging + Fancy Mouth Stuff for Hot-Date Nights

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kissing and cavities_Isaac and Allison_Teen Wolf

For some -- maybe you? and some teen werewolves? -- Valentine's Day is a day on which kissing becomes akin to an Olympic sport. Visualization helps, but getting your mouth makeout-ready is crucial. And did you know making out could increase your cavity count? Ew. Obviously good oral hygiene is the answer. But more than kissing and cavities, Valentine's Day -- or any date night -- should be about making things special. The following fancy mouth stuff might improve the medal odds.

kissing and cavities: tasty toothpaste

Listerine consultant Dr. Paresh Shah says the real culprit when it comes to cavities is bacteria, and it "can spread through kissing and amount to higher bacteria levels in the mouth." That bacteria + sugar is what can put you at a higher risk for cavities. Blech. So a pre-date brushing session is more important than just getting that kale salad from lunch out of your teeth. Kissing and cavities -- who knew?

kissing and cavities_Marvis Ginger Mint Toothpaste_Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste

Instead of the usual Crest/Colgate/Arm & Hammer, may we suggest an out-of-the-ordinary flavour? We like Marvis Ginger Mint toothpaste ($9 at Holt Renfrew*). As the name suggests there's a hint of ginger zip in the mint. Yum.

kissing and cavities_Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste_Marvis Amarelli Licorice Toothpaste

Or maybe you'd prefer a little black licorice or cinnamon in your kisses? Okay, $9 is a pricey for toothpaste, but you can make a Marvis last if you keep it just for date nights. (If you have it longer than six months, though, you need waaaay more date nights.)

kissing and cavities: tasty mouthwash

kissing and cavities_Marvis Mouthwash_Eau de Bouche

Who decided that mainstream bottles of mouthwash should be so ugly? This made-in-Italy Marvis Mouthwash -- or Eau de Bouche if you're feeling swanky -- is an attractive change of pace. Don't be fooled by that "120 mL" on the label. Marvis Mouthwash ($23 at Holt Renfrew*) is a concentrated formula you need to dilute: one part Marvis to four parts water. And when it's finished, you can put your usual brand (maybe Listerine Whitening Extreme with fluoride) in the prettier Marvis bottle.

BTdubs, antiseptic mouthwash isn't just for fresh breath. A key player in kissing and cavities, it can kill 99.9% of the bacteria that brushing and flossing doesn't get. You may recall that Listerine conducted clinical tests and discovered that adding an antiseptic rinse to your routine can boost mouth health by 50 percent. Who doesn't want that in a kissing partner?

kissing and cavities: power toothbrush

kissing and cavities_Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean Black_in travel case

A toothbrush counts when it comes to kissing and cavities. I have a white Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush ($229 at Shoppers Drug Mart and Target). But look at it in black. Hot. I keep talking about this high-tech power toothbrush because takes oral hygiene to another level. The ultimate toothbrush as far as I'm concerned, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean delivers 31,000 brushstrokes each minute, whiter teeth in a week, and healthier gums in 14 days. Kiss that.

kissing and cavities_Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean Black_recharging travel case USB port

And the travel case is rechargeable via USB cable that you can connect to your laptop. That's just geek heaven.

The only thing left to do before kissing and cavities is get your lips ready. You know the drill: smooth them gently with a warm wet washcloth (or wet Shiseido cotton pad), dab with a hydrating serum, then blanket them with a soft, emollient lip balm.

Now go, make out like a master -- or a teen wolf.

*Marvis toothpaste and Marvis mouthwash is also available at Jacob & Sebastian Inc., 6 by Gee Beauty, Pusateri's Limited, Pascale Gourmet (toothpastes only), St.Clair & Avenue Pharmacy, and Apotheca Compounding Pharmacy.