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My Fair Lady: No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial for Very Pale Skin

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Cate Blanchett makeup tutorial_very pale complexions

Until just before I built this post, I was not one of the 423,911 423,908 people who have watched this video. A Cate Blanchett makeup tutorial for very pale skin by makeup artist Mary Greenwell (she's worked with Cate, and with Jessica Chastain), it's one of the most beautiful no-makeup makeup looks I've ever seen. I particularly love this for tweens and young teens, but really it's all-ages makeup. Did you catch the part where it's a Cate Blanchett look?

makeup tutorial for very pale skin

Cate Blanchett Makeup Tutorial by Mary Greenwell_via Lisa Eldridge

If you're not one of the 423,911 people who have seen this (I watched it three times before I could tear myself away), change that now. One of the things you might appreciate most about this Cate Blanchett makeup tutorial for very pale skin is how utterly relaxed Mary Greenwall is with her application. She has a deft touch, but as she says herself, she's not particularly precise. She smears, rubs, dabs and taps makeup on model Claudia (it's quite entertaining), and perfects with only one or two quick moves.

Simple, right? Are you in the Very Pale Skin club like Claudia? Would you try this Cate Blanchett makeup look?

I could spend all day watching videos on Lisa Eldridge's YouTube channel.