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Chris Pine: Armani Code, His Charlize-Theron-in-Monster Role + "Visor of Hair"

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Chris Pine_Armani Code

If you've been wondering when actor Chris Pine might snag a manly fragrance contract, that time is now. It's Chris Pine Armani Code time.

chris pine armani code


The actor has signed on as the new face of the men's fragrance, and will appear in a Chris Pine Armani Code Spring 2014 advertising campaign. Pine is currently starring as Jack Ryan in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (I love an action film; it's on my list).

chris pine not yet armani code

Chris Pine_grey jersey jacket

Of course I've seen Chris Pine in both of the Star Trek-reboot films, and in This Means War with Reese Witherspoon (I was on a flight, and although I like Pine, I was rooting for Tom Hardy's character even though he's less tall.) I've also seen him in Unstoppable with Denzel, and People Like Us with Elizabeth Banks. And yep, I saw rising-star Chris Pine in Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan, which I watched via TMN because he was in it. (In the above photo of Chris Pine, I'm in love with that grey jersey jacket. Every man should have one.)

Chris Pine CSI Miami

I did not see Chris Pine as Tommy in "CSI: Miami." (I did, however, see Ian Somerhalder in CSI: Miami way back when.)


Strangely, the Chris Pine role that has stuck with me most is that of Darwin Tremor in Smokin' Aces, a shoot-em-up, blood-everywhere, star-studded-cast flick in which Pine is nearly unrecognizeable. It's as far away as his Chris Pine Armani Code persona as we'll ever see. Darwin is his Charlize-Theron-in-Monster role, only his was more total-guy-fun and not so much Academy-Award-worthy. Every time I see Pine in a photo or a film, a mental image of that Smokin' Aces character pops into my head.

Chris Pine diffused

That Darwin Tremor mental image is always closely followed by other Chris Pine mental images, though...

...sorry, what? No, no, not necessarily these. I have an imagination. *grin*

Have you noticed Chris Pine's brows? Okay, who hasn't. In fact they're a major topic of discussion in this clip in which Chris Pine talks to Conan O'Brien about having "Jr Peter Gallagher" brows and a "visor of hair." Turns out those brows are a bit of a makeup challenge on-camera.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to pal Anne Kim for reminding me that Chris Pine's dad is Robert Pine, who many of us remember as the Chief in CHiPs  despite Erik Estrada with a side of Larry Wilcox.

Chris Pine and dad Robert Pine

See? Nice picture. I like a guy who can wear a cap well.

So. Chris Pine Armani Code. Thoughts? Which of Chris Pine's movies have you seen? And liked enough to see again?

Opening photo ©Brigitte Lacombe for Armani.