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OPI Glitter Off: Exciting Launch from OPI to Make Glitter Removal a Snap

OPI-Glitter-Off base coat

If there’s one thing you know makes me cringe, it’s glitter polish removal. But in March 2014, it's OPI Glitter Off to the rescue!

opi glitter off to be new bff?

OPI Glitter Off

Word has just hit the street that this coming March, OPI will launch a new peel-able base coat called OPI Glitter Off. Did you catch that? Peel-able base coat? It's a base coat that allows for quick, easy removal of polish when applied before glitter coats or dark shades.

OPI Glitter Off Base Coat sounds to me like a big, fat winner. One coat of Glitter Off, let it dry, and then apply whatever you want. Then, when it's time to take your mani off -- so easy. Glitter Off removal is apparently a nail-polish-remover-free task. Apparently all you'll need is a cuticle stick to gently push and peel the whole business off.

Someone over there at OPI is a genius!

OPI Glitter Off_2

As I said earlier, OPI Glitter Off ($10.95 at select salons and spas; for locations) is coming March 2014, and the whole idea of it just makes me want to say Glitter Off, Glitter Off, Glitter Off! Wheeee!

And hey! Along with this brilliant base coat, OPI will also launch OPI Spotlight on Glitter, which will consist of six OPI glitter shades. S'gonna be a glitter-great March, right?

Have you been to OPI Brazil and seen all the swatches?

That is not the hand of our mani-geek (she hates glitter polish, but maybe not for much longer) -- photos courtesy of OPI.