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Cheery, Yo: Joe Fresh Polish Spring 2014

Joe Fresh Polish Spring 2014

Joe Fresh polish makes me wicked happy for so many reasons. There’s the whole simplicity of the packaging, the on-trend shades, and the remarkable ease of use. We can talk about the insanely affordable price later, but now let’s look at the Joe Fresh polish Spring 2014 shades!

joe fresh polish spring 2014 shades + 3 new top coats

Joe Fresh Polish Faded Violet

Joe Fresh Faded Violet

Joe Fresh Polish Ultramarine

Joe Fresh Ultramarine

Joe Fresh Polish Poppy

Joe Fresh Poppy Did I remember to mention that the cap of the polish pops off to reveal a more ergonomic brush handle? I meant to mention that. Also, it’s an OCW!!*

Joe Fresh Polish Poppy with Gold Rush Topcoat

Joe FreshPoppy with Joe Fresh Gold Rush Top Coat Yes, that's a clear coat with nice big iridescent gold flakies.

Joe Fresh Polish Rose Gold

Joe Fresh Rose Gold That’s one coat, people. Yep, it’s another OCW!!!

Joe Fresh Polish Sugar

Joe Fresh Sugar

Joe Fresh Polish Sugar with Gold Rush Topcoat

Joe Fresh Sugar with Joe Fresh Gold Rush Top Coat

Joe Fresh Polish Salmon

Joe Fresh Salmon

Joe Fresh Polish Bare

Joe Fresh Bare Yes, this lineup is awesomely current with a generous addition of nudes.

Joe Fresh Polish Azure

Joe FreshAzure

Joe Fresh Polish Twinke over Azure

Joe Fresh Azure with Joe Fresh Twinkle Top Coat Oh! Another top coat! This one with iridescent silvery-blue flakies. J'adore.

Joe Fresh Polish Nude Glaze

Joe Fresh Nude Glaze There's nothing wrong with sparkling in the nude, is there?

Joe Fresh Polish Baie Sauvage

Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage By itself, it’s a deliciously juicy low-lustre jelly. But add the new Joe Fresh Pillow Top Coat and you get…

Joe Fresh Polish Baie Sauvage with Pillow Top Coat

Joe Fresh Baie Sauvage with Joe Fresh Pillow Top Coat Outstanding!

So there you have it, my fellow nail polish geeks. The Joe Fresh polish lineup for spring/summer 2014. Kinda makes you wanna go grocery shopping, huh? While you’re there, you might also want to take a look at all the other goodies Joe Fresh is launching for spring 2014 – Head Beautygeek has a big fat post of it all right here in this linky thing.

And, before you go, a word on the quality…

People often ask me how I feel about Joe Fresh polish and I always answer “I feel great about it.” It's solid, and as long as you use a good base and top coat, Joe Fresh polish will wear equally as well as your $$ Chanel and maybe even better. Is it worth it? You betcha.

Joe Fresh Polish Triple

Get some.

This collection of Joe Fresh polish ($4 each or 3 for $10) plus a handful of nail treatments (Pillow Top Coat, Nail Hardener, Strengthening Base Coat, Ridge Filler, and Drying Drops $6 each) will be hitting Loblaw stores in March 2014. If you're in the U.S., there's a store-finder here -- the boutiques carry some of the cosmetics.

*denotes a One Coat Wonder

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she just ate a chocolate bar and it’s 12:17am) ©2104 BEAUTYGEEKS/