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Jungle Love: Revlon Chameleon Duochrome Meets Estee Lauder Viper

Revlon Chameleon Meets Estee Lauder Viper

Sometimes I have good ideas. For instance, I've taken the spanking new Revlon Chameleon nail polish and slapped it on top of Estee Lauder Viper. See all the happy duochrome photos after the jump.

revlon chameleon and estee lauder viper sitting in a tree

Estee Lauder Viper

Revlon Chameleon ($5.95 at drugstores now) is part of Revlon’s spring 2014 line-up that we sneak-peeked you here. Estee Lauder Viper ($25 at department stores) launched in Fall 2012 and was so well received that it’s now part of the Estee Lauder core collection of nail polish.

Revlon Chameleon 1

Revlon Chameleon really shines when it’s used in combination with a dark colour, so whatcha gotta do is get yourself a nice dark base shade and put it on real good and even-like. I chose Estee Lauder Viper as my base because it’s smashing. (If you aren't insane about Estee Lauder polish, read this.)

Revlon Chameleon 2

Once your beautiful dark base is in place, you gotta grab your Chameleon and put two nice coats on top. After that, you know you need a top coat, right?

Revlon Chameleon 3

Then you gotta keep staring at your nails because you’ll have no choice.

Revlon Chameleon 4

Over the dark base, Revlon Chameleon is so shifty from green to gold to bronze to almost black that you seriously won’t be able to stop lookin’ at your remarkable new paint job.

Revlon Chameleon 5

Trust me. I know things. Like how to get a Chameleon and a Viper together. A good idea.

Manis and photos by Karen Falcon (yay, duochrome!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/