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Body of Work: Christie Brinkley is 60 and Posing in a Bathing Suit. What's Fake?

of course not all of this supermodel is real -- and she's not shy about it
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Christie Brinkley 60 People Magazine

Christie Brinkley is 60. Christie Brinkley is 60 and wearing a bathing suit on the cover of this week's People Magazine. And some of her is fake (find out what after the jump). But WOW.

christie brinkley is 60

Christy Brinkley 60 hair is not all hers

Okay, so her hair's not all hers. Technically it is in terms of ownership, but some of it is fake. Christie Brinkly is 60 and wearing her own line of synthetic Hair2Wear Christie Brinkley clip-in hair extensions and a bathing suit on the cover of a major magazine.

At least it's easy to get hair that looks like Christy Brinkley's at 60. (I'm sorry, my jaw is still on the floor at how great she looks; I never thought about her age before today.)

Christie Brinkley sports illustrated

Christy Brinkly is 60. Have I mentioned that? And if we want bodies like hers at her age, we're going to have to work for it. She started a while ago. Some of you have a head start on me. Please excuse me, I have to reconsider my New Year's resolutions.

christie. brinkley. is. 60.

Christy Brinkley 60 bathing suit