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for better beautygeek sleep when you're sick
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Amal Moroccan Black Soap

Restorative Amal Moroccan Black Soap clears your foggy brain

Write this down now: Amal Moroccan Black Soap. I'll tell you why. We all joke about what utter babies men become when they're sick -- remember the Man-Cold? But when I’m sick, I become a Beautygeek baby. I want cups of tea and foreign editions of Vogue, followed by a hot shower with beautiful soap, and then a good cosy sleep in a bed dressed in freshly laundered linens (that’s linen, not cotton).

The last thing I want to do is leave the house.

amal moroccan black soap cold therapy

Trouble is, the best thing for your poor worn-out corpse if you’re sick is a steam and all-over "gommage" (exfoliation). But who wants to drag herself down to the spa? And frankly, they don’t want you there if you’re sick.

Amal Moroccan Black Soap_exfoliating glove

Handy exfoliation mitt for easy skin-buffing action

With that in mind, we recommend -- no, we order you -- to march pre-emptively down to the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris in Toronto’s Shangri-La hotel to buy a jar of Amal Moroccan Black Soap ($35) and this exfoliating glove ($12). This is the soap the spa therapists use during Miraj’s own steam and exfoliation treatment, which you should try when you’re not a seething mass of germs.

Amal Moroccan Black Soap open

Amal Moroccan Black Soap: olive oil, eucalyptus oil and citrus paradisi extract

The Amal Moroccan Black Soap’s olive oil base will moisturize your winter-battered bod while the eucalyptus oil and citrus paradisi extract (that’s just the Latin name for grapefruit) help clear your sinus passages and your foggy brain. And the glove is just brisk enough to remove dead skin cells without being painfully abrasive. Use this duo in a really steamy shower to get all the benefits. It’s the spa-worthy TLC you need when you’re sick (or just sick to death of sub-zero temps).

Amal Moroccan Black Soap back of box

How to use Amal Moroccan Black Soap

Whether an exfoliating scrub like Amal Moroccan Black Soap actually “detoxifies” your system and flushes the flu from your system or not, it feels like it’s speeding along the process of getting better. You’ll feel lighter and less disgusting and less germy when you crawl into bed. And you will sleep the sleep of the dead. Guaranteed.

Did you see that new report on cold prevention and treatment? What's your sleep-better remedy when you're sick?

The Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris at the Shangri-La takes phone orders, too, via 647.253.5770; find Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie on Facebook here. The Miraj Hammam Spa in Vancouver offers the same gommage treatment and carries Amal as well; click here for the Facebook page. Find Amal on Facebook here.