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Singing Notes: Enrique Iglesias Fragrance (+ His Abs?) Enter Celebrity Scent Arena

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The celebrity-scent arena has a new contestant: Enrique Iglesias has signed a deal to create a line of fragrances for Coty Inc. Yep, you read that right. Coming soon is an Enrique Iglesias fragrance line.

an enrique iglesias fragrance line

"I'm confident that together with Coty's expertise, I'll be able to create a fragrance that's attractive to everyone, in particular to my fans," Enrique says via press release. "I hope it gives them confidence and makes them feel empowered."

Enrique Iglesias, 38, has sold more than 100 million albums globally, had five top-five singles on the Billboard Hot 100, and is the male performer with the most number-one hits -- 13 -- on the Dance charts.

Enrique Iglesias Camilla Belle

The 10th studio album from Enrique Inglesis is set for release in March 2014. The third single, "I'm a Freak" featuring Pitbull, was released this month. His previous single, released last October and called "Heart Attack," featured actress Camilla Belle (above) in the video.

The first Enrique Iglesias fragrance is expected this summer.

Okay, I'll admit it. I liked "Bailamos" (2002) -- it was distinctive and different back then. And I liked "Rhythm Divine" (I think. My memory's hazy -- thank God for YouTube). And my back-then-roommate and I did enjoy a few music videos in which Enrique's abs had a starring role.

Enrique-Iglesias-and his abs-in-St.-Barts-Jan 2014

Does anyone remember which video co-starred tennis star Anna Kournikova? (Okay, it was called "Escape." I looked it up.) The pair started dating around then; reports say they broke up last October, but they've been spotted on vacation together as recently as mid-January 2014 (above). In St. Barts. With his abs.

And wait, Enrique guest-starred in an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" -- I saw that.

So. Enrique Iglesias fragrance. Do you have thoughts? (Anyone think he was hotter before he had that mole removed from his face?)

Opening photo, PRNewsFoto/Coty Inc.