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Essie Resort 2014: Resort Fling Collection

Essie Resort 2014 Resort Fling_not to be confused with Essie Spring 2014

Essie Resort 2014 Resort Fling images have hit the interwebs. Don't confuse these with Essie Spring 2014, though. Spring is a separate collection set to launch later than these.

Essie Resort 2014 Resort Fling nail polish shades from left: Essie Cocktails & Coconuts, Essie Resort Fling, Essie Find Me An Oasis, Essie Under The Twilight.

The Essie Resort 2014 collection hits salons and stores in February. Essie Spring 2014 hits in March; we'll give you the scoop on that later.

Essie Resort 2014 Resort Fling swatches coming soon. Individual bottle shots at TheSilverNail.

UPDATE: see the first Essie Resort Fling swatches here.