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Hi, Resolution: Joe Manganiello Shirtless = Lots of Gym Thoughts

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Joe Manganiello shirtless workout photos_Just Jared

Once again, a Joe Manganiello shirtless photo makes me think about gyms and workouts and resolutions. Now the "True Blood" actor is all eight-pack this for the January issue of Muscle & Fitness. Oh my.

Joe Manganiello shirtless workout photo_JustJared has kindly posted a whack of Joe Manganiello shirtless images related to the magazine story (Happy Ho Ho to you, too, JustJared).

And look, here's a video we can all enjoy to inspire us. Yep, yet more images of Joe Manganiello shirtless, plus a reminder from Joe about the connection between mental fitness and physical fitness. Would you believe that's the real reason I posted all this?

Behind the Scenes at Joe Manganiello's M&F Cover Shoot

I might pick up this issue of Muscle & Fitness. But not for the articles.