Face Plant: Tom Cruise Filler! Proof! (OR: Tom Cruise's Face is Like Fake Boobs!)

Tom Cruise filler

I'm worn out from the flu, so I took a break from work and spent the afternoon watching trailers on YouTube. Here's Tom Cruise in a screen cap from the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow. He's lying on a gurney, shot from above. All the Tom Cruise filler proof anyone needs, the shot also illustrates how cheek filler is like breast implants.

tom cruise filler: how filled cheeks are like fake boobs

Look, dude is Restylaned to the max. No cheeks stay that round and firm when you're lying down. Gravity has its way with you. Jeez.

Tom Cruise filler_Edge of Tomorrow

I remember reading somewhere (was it in Less Than Zero?) that cruel boys in LA would make girls lie on their backs to see if their breasts were real (real ones disappear into your armpit, while the fakes remain at attention, pointing upwards).

So, yeah. Tom Cruise filler. Cheek filler. Swear.

He could learn some things from Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.