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Video Tutorial: Edgy Rock'n'Roll Waves with Celeb Stylist Charles Baker Strahan

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edgy rock n roll waves_Leighton Meester

"The key to creating any wave is identifying the wave you want to go for -- everybody has their own curl sensibility," says celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan. (Delightful Charles is another of our beauty crushes; we first met him in 2009.) With a client list that includes Leighton Meester, Brooklyn Decker, Mariah Carey, Lauren Conrad and Victoria's Secret angel Lily Aldridge, Charles is a pro at different curls for different girls. In a series of videos exclusively for Beautygeeks, he shows us how to create edgy rock'n'roll waves, soft retro waves, and smooth glam waves, too. He also shares his technique secrets -- one of our faves is how to get your waves to enhance your cheekbones.

Today: how to create edgy rock'n'roll waves.

Charles is another fantastic source of time-saving and sanity-saving tips. For instance, one of the quickest ways to minimize frizz in curly hair is simply to use a hot iron to add random curls -- their smoothness will make hair look smoother overall. And to deal with flyaways, spray a kabuki brush with a bit of hairspray and gently stroke it along the flyaways to make them lie down. Genius, right?

how to create edgy rock'n'roll waves recap

Charles says he's a beautygeek, too -- and he totally is. We're still geeking out over the way he explains how each technique helps shape the style and enhance the face. Some of his top tips:

1) Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to get hair into good styling shape. Charles, who is the celeb-stylist spokesperson for Herbal Essences, recommends Herbal Essences Moroccan My ShineNourishing Shampoo ($4.99 at and Conditioner ($4.99 at, which has a fresh and fruity scent rather than cloying. Let hair air dry if you can, and follow with Herbal Essences Set Me Up Heat Protection Spray ($5.89 at and a hit of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel ($4.69 at

2) Don't waste your time blowdrying your hair into a glossy, swingy swath first -- it'll actually make your job more difficult. The more natural texture and volume you have in your hair, the better your edgy rock'n'roll waves will be.

3) You don't have to curl the ends of your hair --  the style is edgier if you don't. Curl the mid-sections with your hot iron.

4) Give random curls a tug as you release them to stretch them out a little, "so it's not an even curl from one to the next," explains Charles. "No Goldilocks."

5) Cheekbone-enhancing trick at 3:42

6) Switch between curling toward the face and back from the face so you don't start to look like Farrah Fawcett.

7) Note: try not to create body as you use your curling iron; this look calls for flatter waves.

So now you can rock out for your holiday party, or New Year's -- or whenever. I like whenever.

Special thanks to our model Allison Goodman. And yay, Charles Baker Strahan!