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bedside beauty

At this time of year in particular, there just aren't enough weeks in a day. And at the end of days like that, spending even 10 minutes fussing at the bathroom sink before bed seems like an overwhelming effort. With some smart bedside beauty tips, though, you can streamline your nighttime routine and go to bed with makeup on.

Yep, that's right: go to bed with makeup on. I do it. All the time. You should, too. Seriously, go ahead: brush your teeth, floss and rinse with mouth wash -- you can't mess with your oral health -- then just climb into bed. And reach for some essentials on your bedside table to take care of your skin before sleep. Well, duh -- you can go to bed with makeup on, but you don't want to go to sleep with makeup on.

bedside beauty

Bedside beauty calls for some no-sink required essentials. It's all about being able to snuggle against your pillows to cleanse, treat and moisturize before you drift off to sleep so you can wake up with soft skin and a glowing complexion.

Bedside Beauty_skincare to keep by your bed so you can go to bed with makeup on

My current bedside-beauty essentials:

cotton facial pads Shiseido Facial Cotton pads ($11 at Shoppers Drug Mart, If you haven't tried these yet, you don't know what you're missing. We beautygeeks know what you're missing, though -- here's why Shiseido Facial Cotton is the best. ever.

micelle cleanser Rodial Dragon's Blood Cleansing Water ($30 at with hyaluronic acid and a handy pump (the one-hand dispenser is key). Yes, it removes even waterproof mascara.

treatment toner Neostrata Toning Solution Level 1 ($27 at, an 8% glycolic acid solution that helps keep my skin clear and smooth.

hydrating mist Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Tonic ($35 at, one of my favourite facial mists.

hydrating serum Consonant HydrExtreme (from $72 via, one of a bunch of great hydrating serums I keep close.

eye cream Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream ($55 at, a satisfyingly moisturizing formula that softens without feeling heavy.

face cream Bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-"glow"-sion! Vita-Bead Infused Moisture Cream ($64 at, which isn't designated as a night cream, but is rich enough to serve as one for my skin.

body oil Cowshed Moody Cow Balancing Bath and Body Oil (bought in Paris;, one of several oils I adore for making skin gorgeously silky and soft.

hand moisturizer Rodial Glam Balm Multi ($49 at -- I'm really on a Rodial kick right now, it seems.

lip balm Diptyque Soothing Lip Balm ($42 at Holt Renfrew;, one of my favourite gift-worthy lip balms.

organizer Anna Sui Beauty Tray ($25 at

Bedside Beauty skincare to keep by your bed so you can go to bed with makeup on

I actually have similar collections of essentials in my living room, too, so I can cleanse, treat and moisturize while I'm catching up on episodes of "Elementary" via ROD (#IwanttobeLucyLiu). Plus, I've been known to fall asleep on my couch; a couchside beauty routine minimizes the risk of my falling asleep with makeup on.

Think you'll try going to bed with makeup on anytime soon?