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Sparkle & Shine: Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy, Nail Art Shiny Matte, Diamond Texture and Graffiti Top Coats

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Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy_nail polish duos

Someone said to me yesterday that she wished there were some way of extending the festive cheer of the holidays into depressing January and February. At first she referred to the charming winter-wonderland-scape Tim Horton's coffee cups that seem to disappear on January 2nd, then to the season's cheery twinkle lights. Palmer, I give you Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy. Along with Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte, Revlon Diamond Texture and Revlon Graffiti Top Coats, they'll make dreary January and February just a little easier to bear.

revlon nail art sun candy

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy duos_creamy shades

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy ($8.95 each at drugstores and mass retailers) are bright solid-colour base coats paired with sparkling and iridescent top coats.

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy duos_sparkle and shimmer shades

See how cheery? Like Moon Candy, but with a finer shimmer, Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy comes in 10 shades and lands in stores in January.

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy_400 Northern Lights_410 Shimmering Sunset_420 White Hot

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy in 400 Northern Lights, 410 Shimmering Sunset and 420 White Hot.

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy_430 Solar Flare_440 Sun Burst_450 Lava Flame

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy in 430 Solar Flare, 440 Sun Burst and 450 Lava Flame.

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy_460 Celestial Shine_470 Fiery Sky_480 Pink Dawn_490 Sun Shower

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy in 460 Celestial Shine, 470 Fiery Sky, 480 Pink Dawn and 490 Sun Shower.

Think of all these as a hit of optimism at your fingertips.

revlon nail art shiny matte

Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte

Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte ($8.95 at drugstores and mass retailers) isn't as bright and sparkly as Sun Candy, but should still delight in its own way with a combo of -- well, shiny and matte finishes.

Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte_520 Tortoise-Shell_540 Khaki Satin_510 Pinstripe_530 Emerald Suede_500 Leather & Lace

Five shades -- Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte in 520 Tortoise-Shell, 540 Khaki Satin, 510 Pinstripe, 530 Emerald Suede and 500 Leather & Lace -- will also hit stores in January.

revlon graffiti top coats plus

Revlon Diamond Texture 929_Revlon Graffiti 678_Revlon Graffiti 732_Revlon Chameleon 933

This Revlon group is slated for shelves in February. They'll be $5.95 each at the usual retailers. From left: Revlon Diamond Texture, Revlon Graffiti 678 (red and white) and Revlon Graffiti 732 (black and white... looks a lot like the original L'Oréal Paris Confetti Top Coat I showed you here and here, or Maybelline New York Color Show Polka Dots, as seen here) and Revlon Chameleon (duo chrome). I'm double-checking the names of the Graffiti top coats; the press info lists Daring Graffiti and Rebel Graffiti, but the labels on the actual bottles differentiated between the red and black only by number.

Also part of this collection are formerly limited-editions Revlon RichDivine, Elusive (our mani-geek Karen swatched amazing Elusive in this post here) and Seductive.

Back to my conversation with Palmer. I do understand why festive decorations have to vanish after the holidays. By the second week of January, they look tired and tacky. Think the Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy will help? Or maybe someone needs to invent strings of twinkle-light-size mood-regulation bulbs?