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Spring 2014: Chanel Ballerina Nail Polish

Chanel Ballerina 167 Spring 2014

Dear Chanel Ballerina 167: I can see why you’re a Spring 2014 shade and I can also see right through you. Chanel Ballerina, you know I’m not really a fan of transparent or translucent polish, right?

Chanel Ballerina Swatch 2 Spring 2014

Well, I’m not. But Chanel Ballerina ($28), you’re sweet. You’re sweet and light and airy and springy. You did good.

Chanel Ballerina Swatch 1 Spring 2014

Chanel Ballerina, I think I might even wear you come March when the crocus flowers come out.


Mani ’n photos by Karen Falcon (she’d better water her plants before they all die) ©2013 BEAUTYGEEKS/ See Spring 2014's Chanel Charivari here and Chanel Tapage here.