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Guerlain pro Maxime Poulin shows us the right placement to enhance bone structure, complexion, and the sparkle in our eyes
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where to apply blush_Kate Bosworth and her pretty cheeks

Where to apply blush: Kate Bosworth's flushed cheeks look youthful and add sparkle to her eyes

Seems kinda easy, figuring out where to apply blush. But too close to the nose and all you see is nose. Too low and your face looks saggy. So we asked the man of a million makeup tips, Guerlain international artist Maxime Poulin, for advice on where to position blush. And of course, his answer and video demonstration are just. so. simple.

where to apply blush: recap

  • imagine an invisible line running from the outer edge of your iris down to your chin; you'll start your blush application from that invisible line
  • smile and sweep blush along cheekbones from that cheek-point under your iris toward your hairline, and sweep a tiny bit along the tip of your chin
  • to add more dimension to your face, first try these highlighting and contour tricks, then sweep blush on as per above
  • use a big, clean fluffy brush to blend and buff away any excess powder

And that's where to apply blush. See? Easy. Keep smiling :-) xo

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Thanks again to video model Tamara Matrouk, and to our beauty crush, Guerlain makeup pro Maxime Poulin.