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Time and Again: The Rhossili Swatch = Compliments (and No Wrist Rash for Me)

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Swatch Rhossili watch 2013 Fall

For some, compliments alone are enough to make a new accessory a favourite. But I love my Rhossili Swatch for more than the near daily (and much appreciated, thank you!) "ooh, love your watch" comments it's elicited in the last two months. Among other things, I love it for the I'm-not-allergic-to-it strap closure.

Rhossili Swatch watch in

The Rhossili Swatch is good-looking, no question. A minimalist design in black with a plastic face, the oversized round dial features simple graphic Arabic numerals and trim in a brushed-gold-coloured finish, and a handy day/date window. The black leather strap is embossed with a lizard finish, and the buckle is matte plastic.

Swatch Rhossili strap closure

That right there, the matte plastic closure, is the magic. It's the reason I can wear the watch successfully (that, and the watch works so well with my black and grey wardrobe and wrist accessories). I'm allergic to nickel, or whatever metal most watch brands use as clasps; my skin breaks out in an angry red rash that takes ages to go away. (I have a fancy YSL watch I can't wear for that reason. Despite that, no, you can't have it.)

Part of the Swatch 2013 Fall/Winter Classic collection, the Rhossili is an affordable-for-many $75 at all Swatch Kiosk and Swatch retailers across Canada ( for info). Oh, and it's water-resistant, too!

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