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Jeepers Peepers: How to Shape and Lift Eyes with Eye Shadow

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How to shape and lift eyes with neutral shadow_Maxime Poulin w model Tamara Matrouk

I have such a beauty crush on Guerlain international artist Maxime Poulin. He has so. many. smart. tips. that simplify makeup application and improve the results. From choosing the right bronzer to spray-on glow, to sexy bone structure after five, Maxime is a font of how-to info. And this next video on how to shape and lift eyes with eye shadow is no different. Got puffy lids? There's a tip for that. Droopy lids? There's a tip for that. Want eyes to look bigger? There's a tip for that. Wanna wear colourful shadow? There's a tip for that. And more.


Seriously, the video below is so chock full of great stuff that I had to pull out the eye-liner tips for a separate post. Maxime-ize neutral eye shadow indeed. Above: Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Les Cuirs ($65,, Maxime's go-to shadow palette.

how to shape and lift eyes with eye shadow: a general recap

  • A neutral palette such as the Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Les Cuirs is an indispensible part of your makeup kit. You can use it to contour and highlight the face, to enhance brows, to shape eyes... Maxime says he uses it on everyone.
  • Apply the lightest shadow in specific spots -- under the brow bone to lift and in the inner corners to open eyes -- not all over the lid.
  • Blend the lightest shadow along tops of cheekbones, down nose, in the crease under the lower lip, and over the bow of the lips.
  • Use the beige-y shade to define the contour, then build intensity strategically with a two-shades-darker colour at the outer corners.
  • Build a coloured-shadow look on top of the neutral shades. The neutral shades create shape with natural looking shadow and highlight; colour is the accent, so keep it to the lid.

Next: Now that we know how to shape and lift eyes with eye shadow, Maxime shows us how to intensify eye makeup with pencil liner...

Special thanks to model Tamara Matrouk.