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Maxime Poulin shows us how to intensify daytime definition without falling overboard -- and he does it with a neutral eye shadow palette
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When you prefer a natural look with makeup, the idea of contouring your face for an after-work party can seem like too much. Maybe you worry you'll look like one of those exaggerated diagrams of where to put light and dark. 

where to highlight and contour diagram

An exaggerated illustration of where to emphasize shadow and highlight

But Guerlain makeup pro (and Canadian expat in Paris) Maxime Poulin is all about a natural look that enhances bone structure without being obvious. So we asked him to demonstrate how to contour your face for night -- and he did it with the neutral eye shadow palette you might use to touch up your eyes.

In the quick video tutorial below, Maxime shows how to contour your face for night in just a few easy moves. He builds on the daytime contour look he demonstrates here. With his favourite universal eye shadow palette, Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Les Cuirs ($65,, he adds a little emphasis to Tamara's temples, under cheekbones and lower lip, and along her jawline, explaining as he goes along.

This is subtle sculpting, but for night, when you want to be really defined, and structured and sexy, says Maxime. Bring on that holiday party or candlelight dinner.

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Special thanks to video model Tamara Matrouk.