Mani Monday: Pop the Top off a Joe Fresh Nail Polish. Now. Go.

Joe Fresh nail polish BottleShot

Did you pick up the milk? Yes. Did you pick up the chicken? Yes. Did you pick up the peanut butter? Yes. (I don’t really have to tell him I also picked up a whack more some Joe Fresh nail polish, do I?)

Joe Fresh Nail Polish Ultra Violet

Joe Fresh nail polish in Ultra Violet ($4). You know you can get Joe Fresh nail polish at Loblaws and Real Canadian Super Stores all over Canada, right? They have stand-alone locations, too, and seven stores open in the US.

Joe Fresh Nail Polish Pebble

Joe Fresh nail polish in Pebble ($4).Did you also know Joe Fresh nail polish had a bottle-design refresh? Did you know it now has a two-piece lid? Did you know that two-piece lid is a game-changer for me? I love it. It makes a Joe Fresh nail polish application easier than ever – the brush handle is smaller, nice to hold, and wickedly more ergonomic once you pop the top off.

Joe Fresh nail polish Cabernet

Joe Fresh nail polish in Cabernet ($4). What we have here is a collection of shades that are absolutely perfect for right now.

Joe Fresh nail polish Peacock

Joe Fresh nail polish in Peacock ($4). What we have here is a reason to go grocery shopping.

Joe Fresh Nail Polish Rose Blossom

Joe Fresh nail polish in Rose Blossom ($4) Enjoy the pictures, everybody! And hey, pick me up a tub of Nutella while you’re out?

Joe Fresh Nail Polish Rouge

Joe Fresh nail polish in Rouge ($4). These, along with several more happy shades are available at Loblaws, Real Canadian Super Stores, and Joe Fresh stores all over the place for $4 each or 3/$10.

Manis ’n photos by Karen Falcon (she’s drinking a nice cup of tea) ©2013 BEAUTYGEEKS/imabeautygeek.com