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Shady Investigation: The Case of the OPI Mystery Polish

I'll help ya figure out if that OPI is a re-name! Yes, I will!
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OPI I Like Boys-enberries

OPI I Like Boys-enberries & OPI Stainless Steel

OPI Stainless Steel, OPI You've Got the Green Light, OPI Burgundy? What?? Hope you're up for a nail polish mystery, because we need your help with some OPI shades that... don't exist? What we have here is the Case of the OPI Mystery Polish.

*update October 30, 2014: more MOPI (Mystery OPI) duo packs are landing in stores right now and I've modified the existing chart at the bottom to show what we know and what we don't. We're looking for the shades with orange hi-lights. Oh! And OPI is now re-using their mystery shade names so you might find there are 2 bottles of Stainless Steel that look nothing alike. Amazeballz, right?

I bought nail polish yesterday, yes, I did. It came in that little duo pack just like that (above). I got it at Winners – it was $12.99 for the pair. Whatta deal!

I also bought another duo of colours – OPI Just Spotted the Lizard and OPI Did it On ’Em – both well known shades of OPI.

If you’re familiar with Winners, you know there are often gift packs and lots of free floating bottles around too. In the free floaters I saw OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 (which we showed you here) selling for $7.99! Amazing! I also saw duo packs like the ones I bought that had the same Mariah Carey Holiday polishes mixed with other OPI stuff from other collections.

OPI I Like Boys-Enberries OPI Stainless Steel

OPI I Like Boys-enberries & OPI Stainless Steel v1.0

case of the opi mystery polish

Now here’s the Case of the OPI Mystery Polish. That duo pack of polishes I showed you contains the shades OPI Stainless Steel and OPI I Like Boys-enberries. Google ’em. G’head. I’ll give you a minute.

So, what did you come up with, huh? Nuthin’. You came up empty. I know this because I also came up empty on a Google search and a Google image search. And a Pinterest search. And a post to OPI’s Facebook page. Nobody has ever heard of these shades. Nobody. It’s a full-on mystery! Wheeeee!!!

Let's get a little closer to the bottles.

OPI Stainless Steel v1.0

OPI Stainless Steel v1.0

OPI I Like Boys-Enberries

OPI I Like Boys-enberries v1.0

Just for the fun of it, we’d love it if you could help us solve our mystery. I can give you a couple hints but that’s all you’re getting because that’s all I have.

You’re thinking that OPI Stainless Steel is really OPI Peace & Love & OPI. Nope. You’re wrong. Here, lemme show you.

OPI Peace Love OPI vs OPI Stainless Steel v1.0

OPII Peace Love & OPI vs OPI Stainless Steel v1.0

OPI Peace & Love & OPI is on the left and it’s more purple, more chrome, and more opaque. This “OPI Stainless Steel” is thinner and it has tiny bits of silver shimmer in it. Nice guess, though – I guessed the same.

OPI I Like Boys-enberries vs OPI Embarca Dare Ya!

OPI I Like Boys-enberries vs OPI Embarca-Dare Ya!

And now you’re thinking OPI I Like Boys-enberries is just like that colour from the San Francisco collection – OPI Embarca-Dare Ya! You’re not far off, it’s similar but it ain’t the same. Nope – it’s not. My mystery polish is on the left and OPI Embarca-Dare Ya! Is on the right. So close but still so not the same.

I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what these shades really are – it took me some interwebbing time but I’m 100% sure about the first and maybe 85% sure about the second.

What shades do you think they really are? What do you think happened? How did I end up buying stuff that certainly appears to be OPI that OPI has never heard of? Canya help solve The Case of The OPI Mystery Polish? Huh?

UPDATE: Here's OPI Stainless Steel (aka...?) in all its duo-chromeness.

OPI Stainless Steel v1.0

And omigorsh! I just looked at the back of the package... and it lists the "official" names of the polish right there. DUH!

OPI Mystery Shades Beautygeeks

Mystery OPI Polish Duo-Pack Back.

Your participation and comments have been amazing and totally eye-opening -- thanks for your help in solving our "mystery!"

OPI Serious Sparkle aka OPI Save Me

OPI Serious Sparkle (aka OPI Save Me)

*It's a good three months since I discovered my first OPI mystery polish and yesterday, I was at my local Winners store and popped in to see what there was to see. I found this - it's called OPI Serious Sparkle but it's really OPI Save Me from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection. Tricky, tricky OPI.

OPI Tart Green Apple

OPI Tart Green Apple (aka OPI Did it on 'Em)

*It's now late April 2014 and I found this one today - it's called OPI Tart Green Apple but really, it's OPI Did It On 'Em from the Nicki Minaj collection. I wonder what else will be lurking out there for me! Can't wait to find out.

OPI I LIke Boys-Enberries Swatch

OPI I Like Boys-enberries (aka OPI The One That Got Away)

This is my bottle (and swatch) of OPI I Like Boys-Enberries - it's really OPI The One That Got Away from the Katy Perry collection. You know it, I know it, and OPI probably knows it too.

In late June 2014, a lovely reader sent me 'n Lisa some pictures of a NOPI/OPI dupe she discovered. Here's a nice linky thing to go see her post all the way over in the UK.

Nicole by OPI vs OPI = dupe

Nicole by OPI vs OPI = dupe

OPI Mystery Polishes_NOPI Kim-pletely in Love_OPI Girl

Yep, dupes. Totally. 100%. So now, not only is OPI masquerading as OPI but NOPI is also masquerading as OPI. Who'dathunk!

OPI Just Ru-By Yourself

OPI Just Ru-by Yourself aka Nicole by OPI Back in My Gloria Days...

Oh look - it's OPI Just Ru-by Yourself vs Nicole by OPI's Back in My Gloria Days... from the Modern Family collection.Same. 100% Same.

OPI Just Shocking Mystery Polish

OPI Just Shocking aka Nicole by OPI Scarlett

And what's this? Oh, just a bottle of OPI Just Shocking that's an exact copy of Nicole by OPI's Scarlett from the Selena Gomez collection.

OPI Mystery Shade Chart Beautygeeks

The Mystery OPI Shade Confirmation Chart ©

*Above: chart revised September 28th, 2014: With the help of a fantabulous reader Lisa (who lives in Long Island), we've put together a list of all the renamed OPI shades we've found in the past year or so and all the things we've not found but know are floating around out there in TJ Maxx and Winners stores on both sides of the border. They're also popping up in the UK too! If you can help us confirm or deny any of the things in our list, we'd be very grateful - it seems more and more of these shades are coming to market through discount channels so more and more people are buying themselves dupes without even realizing it. We're also finding that re-used names are turning out to be Sephora by OPI shades which as we all know is a line that has recently been discontinued.

By the way, if you find something that's a NotOPI, let me know, will ya? You can email me an image if you remember and we can add it to our library of OPI mystery polishes!

If our lovely image chart doesn't load, here's the list all everything Mysterious OPI we've found at TJMaxx and Winners stores so far: OPI Baring it All, OPI Better Be Blue, OPI Blue Chips, OPI Bouquet of Violets, OPI Burgundy / OPI Stir Fried Eggplant (we think those are the same), OPI Cream in my Coffee, OPI Dinner at Sunset, OPI Frog in my Throat, OPI Front Lawn, OPI Girl Color, OPI Go Into the Light, OPI Golden Waves, OPI I Don't Speak Meek / OPI Clear Glitter (we also think those two are the same), OPI I Like Boys-enberries, OPI Just Shocking!, OPI My Little Petunia, OPI Pearl Diver, OPI Pink it Through, OPI Plant One on Me, OPI Pulled Out A Plum, OPI Romance Me, OPI Serious Sparkle, OPI Stainless Steel, OPI Tart Green Apple, OPI You Better Pink!, OPI Just Ru-by Yourself, OPI Rainbow in my Pocket.

Mystery and photos by Karen Falcon (she kinda likes puzzles)