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a Halloween costume by a tween plus Katy Perry false lashes
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katy perry lashes the finishing touch on E's Mad Hatter halloween costume

i'm late, i'm late, for a very important date

This is my 12-year-old niece E. She's The Mad Hatter for Halloween. And she did everything except apply her Katy Perry Lashes by Eyelure.

katy perry false lashes_makeup by 12-year-old E_mad hatter halloween costume

katy perry lashes by eyelure in "starstruck"

For real, E came up with the concept for her Mad Hatter costume and accessories, styled her hair, and designed and applied her makeup all on her own. She also picked up those Katy Perry Lashes by Eyelure in Starstruck ($9.75, for locations), which her auntie cut into two to apply. (The "diamond-studded" strip is a bit stiff, which resulted in a fringe gap when I applied the inner section. But we loved the result!)

mad hatter costume designed by 12-year-old E_katy perry false lashes

okay, i'm not late yet, but you better hurry up

Confession: When I foolishly wondered if she was to be a Mad Hatter-ette, E pointedly reminded me, "a hatter can be a man or woman." As Liza puts it, I've been schooled! (I blame Johnny Depp. And Lewis Carroll.)

tick tock tick tock_mad hatter costume designed by 12-year-old E

vintage pendant watch from great-great aunt b

This charming watch pendant belonged to E's great-great-Aunt B.

mad hatter costume designed by E_Katy Perry lashes

the mad hatter as re-imagined and assembled by 12-year-old e

Love how E tied that scarf (from Grandma for her birthday) in a big floppy bow. Also love that blazer, which her mum helped her acquire; she'll wear it again, with jeans. She finished her Mad Hatter costume with plum tights with black polka-dots; sorry they're not in my photos.

mad hatter costume designed by 12-year-old E_Katy Perry false lashes

the mad hatter

Little girlfriend has skills, right?? For Halloween, I'm a Proud Auntie. Maybe not just for Halloween.