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Sneak Peek: Maybelline Crayon Kohl Liners for Eyes

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Maybelline-Crayon Kohl Liners for eyes

Beautygeeks handled some hot kohls backstage at the World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring 2014 shows at David Pecaut Square in Toronto last night. Lots of kohl pencils are coming next year from Maybelline. Here's a sneak peek at the Maybelline New York Crayon Kohl Liner by Color Show collection, henceforth to be known as the Maybelline Crayon Kohl liners because it's easier. (Is it just me, or are makeup product names just getting more unmanageable?).

maybelline crayon kohl liners

Maybelline-Crayon Kohl Liners

"Superfun colours and creamy," says Maybelline New York lead makeup artist Grace Lee about the new Maybelline Crayon Kohl liners ($5.99 each at drugstores) coming out in January 2014. "They're creamier and more blendable than regular pencils; I use khol in the waterline because it's softer. And no, they're not waterproof or as long-wearing as some liners -- they're more for blendable colour and fun, and they're highly pigmented. I use them as eyeshadow base."

UPDATE The Maybelline Crayon Kohl liner collection will consist of twelve shades as follows:

Ultra Black
Sparkle Grey
Graphite Grey
Chambray Blue
Turquoise Flash
Beauty Blue
Edgy Emerald
Vibrant Violet
Green Envy
Marvellous Maroon
Chocolate Chip
Barely Beige

Are you into kohl play? Does it bother you that they're not waterproof or long-wearing?