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Boo-Yah: Scary Halloween Perfume to Help You Get Your Spook On

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Halloween perfume Demeter Elvira Vamp cologne

Of all the things that can make me run screaming from a room, vanilla and sugary scents hit near the top the list. They may even scare me more than zombies. That's just my quirk, though. Lots of people love sweet perfumes that smell of chocolate, or candy, or caramel. Hey, zombies have fans too. So there's an audience for the following array of Halloween perfume from Demeter, those makers of kooky, weird, wonderful and why-not scents.

halloween perfume: candy crush

Halloween perfume Demeter Tootsie Roll Cologne_Demeter Licorice Roll-On Perfume

Demeter Tootsie Roll Cologne Splash($20) and Demeter Licorice Roll-On Perfume ($10). Yes. They smell just like sweet Tootsie Rolls and black Licorice Allsorts, respectively.

halloween perfume: mistress of the dark

Halloween perfume Demeter Elvira Zombie Cologne_Demeter Elvira Black Roses cologne_Demeter Elvira Vamp cologne

New from Demeter and the campy, vampy Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is a tongue-in-hollow-cheek trio of scents: Demeter Elvira's Zombie Cologne, Demeter Elvira's Black Roses Cologne, and Demeter Elvira's Vamp Cologne ($25 each). Unlike candy colognes Tootsie Roll and Licorice, the Demeter Elvira fragrances are sweet dark florals.

Halloween perfume Demeter Elvira Vamp cologne

Elvira's Zombie is a spicy, sultry concotion of ylang ylang, red poppies, tobacco leaves and vanilla bean. Unusual notes include a "methadone" accord, and "powdery coca petals" (coca leaves --> cocaine). Elvira's Black Roses is a blend of red currants, roses and davana blossom (a flower with potent peach and vanilla notes), as well as patchouli, dark amber and vetiver. Particularly suited to a night of the living dead is Elvira's Vamp, a bouquet of belladonna (deadly nightshade), Dracula orchid, nicotiana (flowering tobacco), Madagascar vanilla and white musk.

halloween perfume: return of the living dead

Halloween perfume Demeter Zombie for Him_Demeter Zombie for Her

And then there's Demeter Zombie for Him and Demeter Zombie for Her ($20 each). Released earlier this year, this is a limited-edition pair of earthy, mossy, mushroom-y scents with decidedly horrific bottle art, and a vanish date of October 31st.

Trick or treat?

Demeter fragrances are available via Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstores, and