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Colour Blocking: The Skincare Move That Helps Prevent Lipstick Bleeding

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the skincare move that helps prevent lipstick bleeding

One of my favourite things is the offhand comment from someone else that makes me see something from another angle. Like how to prevent lipstick bleeding. Aside from the handful of techniques we already know, there's a move that may not be top of mind. And it's the most important.

Let's recap those tricks to prevent lipstick bleeding:

1) Clear lip liner

2) Nude lip liner

3) Matching lip liner

4) Concealer applied with a brush around the outer edge of the lips

5) Foundation primer applied around the outer edge of the lips

This next technique isn't one we usually put in a "prevent lipstick bleeding" category, although it makes perfect sense.

"Moisture travels from hydrated areas to dry areas," said Donna Paty, national education manager for Kiehl's in Canada. We were just finishing up the preview of the Kiehl's holiday gift sets and shooting the beauty breeze. "If the skin around your mouth is dry, it'll try to absorb the emollients from your lip colour," Donna continued. "And then you'll get that awful bleeding effect."


Well of course. I'd never looked at the subject of lipstick migration that way. Until that moment, I'd defined it as colour trying to escape. But it's also about thirsty skin trying to get moisture any way it can, even if it has to suck it from your lipstick.

Thus, to prevent lipstick from bleeding becomes yet another reason to keep your complexion well hydrated, especially around your mouth. If your skin is particularly dry, dab a little extra serum and moisturizer -- eye cream will work too -- around your lips and let it sink in as you get dressed. Then lipstick up (with clear lipliner if you must).