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Let's Talk: A Twitter Party to Discuss Your Sensitive Teeth and Bright Smile Options

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Elle Vietnam Fall 2013

Canadians buy proportionately more products for sensitive-teeth than do Americans, according to a Crest survey conducted just this past summer. Maybe it's because our egregious winters are tough on enamel? Whatever the reason, more than half of Canadians  -- 54% -- say they have or have suffered from sensitive teeth.

If you have sensitive teeth, you know what it's like to avoid foods and treats you love because your teeth can't handle them. And if you wish your smile were whiter, you're also sure your sensitive teeth won't allow it. (I know this is true from comments I've received on posts, including this one comparing Michael Fassbender's smile to a Photoshop-whitened version.)

But there are ways to minimize sensitive-teeth outrage, and get a brighter, whiter smile, too.

To find out more, join me via Twitter (@JanineFalcon) on Monday September 30th at 7pm to chat about your issues and answer your questions. Scientist Dr. Svetlana Farrell, section head of Clinical Research for Oral Care, P&G, will also be on hand.

In addition to loads of useful information about sensitive teeth, you'll have a chance to win one of five great bright-smile-inducing prizes!

So Monday September 30th, 7 pm, Twitter -- is it a date?