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Hot Button: Joe Fresh Available Online to Canadians This Fall

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Joe Fresh online shopping soon

Lovelies, it looks like this is happening in Canada. By this I mean we'll finally be able to buy Joe Fresh online this Fall.

It's not Joe Fresh's first time; the brand is available online via JCPenny in the US, and JCPenny ships to Canada. But now it looks like Canadians will soon have this-side-of-the-border online buying access to Joe Fresh, too.

Joe Fresh bulldog sweater

The "new" will make more than 5,000 items available online, including apparel and accessories for women, men, kids, toddlers and babies, and new pieces will appear each week. No word yet as to whether Joe Fresh Beauty will also be available online; we're waiting for info on that.

Is that a yipeeeee! we hear?