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Cranky Beauty Pants: Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush


I didn’t like Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush when I tried it for the first time. I could barely see it on my skin. Then the head Beautygeek gave me her advice: try wearing more, dummy. Well, she never says "dummy" but I think it’s implied. So I wore more. More of the shade Pink.

Wow. Move over perennial favourite Benefit Bella Bamba because now I have a new favourite blush. That’s right, I said it.

I love the colour from Bella Bamba, but I find that I have to be super light-handed with it or I look like someone’s grandma who’s on the waiting list for cataract surgery.

Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush 10 Pink

This Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush colour creates that perfect flush. It might be because it’s a Smart Shade and you’re swirling together three shades to create the perfect colour but I’m not 100% convinced on that claim. (You may already know Almay Smart Shade blush in a tube; this is the powder version that replaced it earlier this year.)

What I am convinced about is the staying power. By the end of the day, my tends-to-be-oily complexion was still slightly, prettily flushed. I like any day that ends without me looking like death microwaved for 12 seconds.

If I can break away from my love affair with Almay Smart Shade Powder Blush ($12.95, drugstores) in Pink, I’ll try Coral. Maybe.


What’s your favourite blush? Can you beat my new fave's price tag?