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Mani Monday: Fall 2013 Blackened Nail Polish Shades + a Side of Holiday Hues

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Pixi Deepest Dahlia

Pixi Deepest Dahlia

Blackened is the new black in nail colour for Fall 2013. Inky shades of burgundy, purple, plus matte black + glitter, and a cool top-coat change-up -- this is the season to indulge to your dark side. Here are some of our favourite blackened nail polish shades plus a side of holiday hues for your black list.

Revlon Seductive 245

Revlon Seductive 245

Revlon's nailed it. Ha! See what I did there? Nailed? Get it? Okay, I’ll stop. Revlon Seductive 245 ($5.99, drugstores at the end of October) is the most incredible deep dark inky purple. (In blackened nail polish world, purple, plum or eggplant are can't-go-wrongs.)

Pixi Deepest Dahlia

Pixi Deepest Dahlia

Pixi Deepest Dahlia ($8, for stores) is a little more plum than something you might have seen rather recently, but equally as stunning. You only need one or the other. Note: Pixi is one of the most pungent nail polishes my nose has met. What's that about?

MAC Gadabout Girl

MAC Gadabout Girl Holiday 2013

MAC Gadabout Girl Nail Lacquer (MAC Holiday 2013, $19, is a re-fire hitting counters next month, but look at it! In two coats, it’s a seriously dramatic blackened burgundy. Or maybe blackened burgundy.

Guerlain Sulfurous LE 2013

Guerlain Sulfurous 861

Guerlain Sulfurous 861 (Guerlain holiday collection available in November, $25) Seriously, if someone made me a gift of this polish I'd probably weep with joy. This colour makes me emotional and I have no idea why. Maybe this is what love feels like? Oh – my index and middle nails are top-coated and the other two are not. Why? Well…

Guerlain UV Topcoat

Guerlain Ultra Violet Top Coat

Guerlain Ultra Violet Top Coat (Guerlain holiday collection available in November, $25) is what I used to topcoat my first two fingernails in the Guerlain Sulfurous polish photo up there. It noticeably brightens the polish underneath, doesn’t it? To a kind of blackened violet? I love that – s’like magic! And wait, there’s more… it glows under UV light. (Yeah, I stuck it in my gel lamp to see if it does glow and it really does glow). I’m not quite sure why that’s a selling point but it is. I’d buy it just for the brightening power.

Urban Decay Vice

Urban Decay Vice

Urban Decay Vice ($18, select Shoppers Drug Marts and I know you just looked at this picture and said “Where can I get it??”  And you should get it; Urban Decay does good polish. It's great. J'adore.

Pixi Charcoal Celebration

Pixi Charcoal Celebration

Pixi Charcoal Celebration ($8, for stores) is blackened grey, I've decided. Charcoal grey, to be specific, with a slight shimmer. I love this more than I love Essie’s Cashmere Bathrobe. Yep, more. Less jelly-like and more shine = more bang for your polish buck. Go, Pixi!

Revlon Elusive 736

Top: Revlon Elusive no top coat. Bottom: Revlon Elusive with top coat.

Revlon Elusive 736 ($5.99, drugstores at the end of October) Told ya Revlon's nailed it this season. About this matte black with glitter, I don’t have words. Oh, wait, I do. Gimmie that. Gimmie that. Gimmie that. Prepare yourself for compliments. Lots and lots of compliments. A winner (gagnant!) with or without top coat.

Are you with me on these blackened beauties?

Manicures ’n photos by Karen Falcon (she has Hello Kitty eye liners)