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Glenn Close TIFF 2013: Give the Celebrity The Makeup Look She Wants

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Glenn Close TIFF 2013_makeup by Eddie Malter_L'Oreal Paris

The greatest challenge in doing celebrity makeup is usually the celebrity herself. "Sometimes you can't do what you know would look better," a makeup artist once told me. "And sometimes, the client changes something in the car on the way to the red carpet, and it gets criticized as the artist's work when it isn't." (That explains a few things.)

glenn close tiff 2013 -- the look

Glenn Close walked the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival this year for the reunion screening of The Big Chill, which premiered at TIFF 30 years ago. The lovely actress, 66, had definite ideas about her makeup. She was by no means a challenge for makeup artist Eddie Malter, however. The two got on well; during their collaboration, she showed him of pictures of her beloved pets back home.

"[Glenn] wanted beautiful, healthy skin, but not a lot of makeup, not a lot of blush," says Malter, who is the official makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris Canada.

glenn close tiff 2013 -- the complexion

To enhance Glenn's complexion, Eddie used L'Oréal Paris Touche Magique Concealer ($12.99, and L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Foundation ($18.99, "I love True Match Lumi. It reflects light and makes skin look dewy." On her cheeks he used just a hint of L'Oréal Paris Visible Lift Colour Blush in Rose Gold Lift ($15.99,

Kevin Klein and Glenn Close TIFF 2013_Glenn Close makeup by Eddie Malter for L'Oreal Paris

To finish Glenn's skin, Eddie used very little powder, and very strategically in areas such as under her cheekbones and on the sides of her nose. He left her skin's natural highlights -- upper cheekbones and down the centre of the nose -- bare, to catch the light.

glenn close tiff 2013 -- the eyes

"Glenn has green eyes so I used a little light purple eye shadow, very soft," Eddie says. He also used smidge of a deeper purple, the tiniest bit on the outer corners of eyes. "We tried it in the crease first, but she preferred this." Both shades are from the L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad in Hollywood Icon ($11.99,

To further accentuate Glenn's eyes, Eddie added black eyeliner "from the middle of her upper lids to the outer corners just to add a little lift."

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

On Glenn's lashes Eddie used generous lashings of the new L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara ($11.99, launching in Canada in October). "The brush is really special," he says. "Just one application lengthens the outer lashes more than the others."

"The Big Chill" 30th Anniversary Screening - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

glenn close tiff 2013 -- the lips

On Glenn's lips Eddie used L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Le Balm in Caramel Comfort ($9.99 at drugstores). "She really loved it, because she doesn't like too much colour on her lips. I would like to have used something bright, but she preferred this one," he says.

We're going on the record: we love Glenn's TIFF 2013 red-carpet makeup, a natural, pretty look for any age. Okay, we'd have liked a brighter lip for her too, but this restrained, subtle application is just so Glenn Close. We'd already planned this post and interviewed Eddie when we spotted a little online dissatisfaction from a couple of fans about Glenn's look. We're pleased to have the opportunity to explain it.

Photos: Alberto E. Rodriquez/Getty Images.