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Face Forward: Girl Ages into Old Woman and Blows Our Minds

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girl ages into an old woman

Something about this video is quite beautiful. A marvelous, thoughtful piece on aging, it captures an unmatched quality of realism as this little girl ages into old woman. It's just five minutes, but watch it carefully: the changes are imperceptible -- like seeing yourself in a mirror every day.

Major props to the team who put this piece together. It's not a time-lapse project. Instead, it's a family of relatives meticulously morphed into one another by a team of skilled animators and visual artists, with a side of sophisticated software.

Seems odd to say this, but as this young girl ages into old woman, we feel a sense of wonder. Could be down to the vid's technical brilliance (and the brows are so good!), but whatever. Usually aging videos make us think of all the things we're doing wrong, make us feel scolded and alarmed at what we're helping time inflict on our faces.

We'll still wear sunscreen every day, and worship at the altars of tretinoin, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid. But this little film makes us feel as though getting older isn't such a bad thing after all because it's life.