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Lipstick Diary: What I Wore That Day

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Mary Kay Mystic Plum True Dimensions lipstick and Mary Kay Crushed Plum Jelly Lip Gloss

Come play in the shade with me!

This deep berry lip is Mary Kay Mystic Plum lipstick ($19, from the True Dimensions lineup, topped with Mary Kay Crushed Plum gloss ($12, from the Mary Kay at Play Jelly Lip Gloss collection. The application is via top makeup pro Diana Carreiro, at the Bask-It-Style TIFF Celebrity Gift Lounge the other day (more on that later).

The Kit Fall 2013

My camera sometimes misrepresents colours. *sigh* The Mary Kay Mystic Plum lipstick + Mary Kay Crushed Plum gloss deep berry lip looks more like it does in this gorgey image from the Fall issue of The Kit. In fact, Diana did the makeup, and that's exactly the model's deep berry lip outfit. (Di stocks her kit with a ton of Mary Kay colour cosmetics -- lipsticks, gloss, eye shadow, pencils. This shot she did for Fashion Magazine is a fave.)

Mary Kay Crushed Plum gloss_Mary Kay Mystic Plum lipstick

The sheer, shiny Mary Kay Crushed Plum gloss is perfect for easing into Fall makeup. Although I haven't worn gloss in forever, this one has already found its way into my purse for days when I can't be bothered with foundation or eye makeup. Even sheer and soft, deep berry is easy impact on its own.

Concealer, brows, a touch of warm blush + Crushed Plum on my lips: it's a just-washed-my-face-but-better look I'll wear a lot because it's so fast and simple. (I wore it just last night to pop in to a new-digs media celebration at Tips; Di was there and complimented on me on my lip colour before I told her what I was wearing.)

Mary Kay Crushed Plum gloss_Mary Kay at Play Jelly Lip Gloss

And this is important: I like the gloss enough not to care that an errant strand of my hair occasionally sticks to it.

More important: this shade is dark, but it's not dead. The berry is rich and lively, with violet undertones, not brown. So even lovelies with delicate wee lips can wear this, the gloss alone especially.