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Word Up: A Poster about Nail Clipping in Public + Other Subway Signs We Need

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public grooming nail clipping subway etiquette poster_via The Frisky

This. A sign about nail clipping in public. On the TTC.

Sadly, this nail clipping in public sign doesn't exist. Is it wrong that we think maybe it should?

Obviously, we've had a few public grooming run-ins. Some have resulted in magazine stories about public grooming.

Other signs we'd like to see:

"No pedicure? No flip flops or revealing footwear, please. No-one needs to see your gnarly, overgrown toenails and dry, cracked heels."

"It's okay to put on some makeup in public, especially if you can teach us a great new application technique. But no brow tweezing, or any other facial hair-removal, please."

"If you haven't brushed your teeth, taken a shower, applied deodorant and put on clean clothes this morning, please leave the subway immediately. Take a cab. And roll down the windows."

"Your perfume is giving us a headache. Please leave the premises immediately. Take a cab. And roll down the windows."

"Please refrain from eating bananas on the subway. In closed quarters, the smell of a ripe banana makes some people feel sick. Feel free to enjoy an orange or tangerine instead. And please dispose of the peel in the trash cans at the station when you leave the subway."

Okay, that last one about bananas may be a bit specific to me. But is there anything better than the bright, zingy scent of fresh orange peel as it's being torn from the fruit?

What have we missed? Flossing?

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