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F is for Finicky: Purse Essentials for a Clean Phone Screen + a Healthy Charge

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cel phone accessories case

"It's Futureshop in your purse," exclaimed my friend Aaron when he saw the tech accessories I routinely tote along with my trusty laptop. He's not wrong. And it does contribute to the heft of my bag. But I can't help it. I'm finicky. I need to have on hand certain essentials for a clean phone screen and plenty of battery power, too.

 a clean phone screen

A smeared up cel-phone screen is just gross. Ick, ick, ick. I can't bear it, especially if I want to show someone something. My buddy photo with Rob Lowe, for instance, is much easier to enjoy without the blur of greasy swipe marks. So I keep a microfibre cloth tucked into a zippered pouch that fits in my purse. A clean phone screen is always just moments away.

Microfibre cloths are genius for cleaning dirty screens, whether cel phone or laptop, and specs and sunglasses too. And they're cheap -- you can get them in dollar stores, or drugstores, or Costco (in bulk).

a healthy charge

Few things trigger irritation + desperation like my cel phone out of juice. So I don't risk it. In my zippered pouch with my microfibre cloth, I keep two Duracell Instant Chargers, a connection cord, a power stick snagged from the Target pop-up hotel, and an extra phone battery. (Okay, some of those are backups in case I forget to recharge something after using it -- I've met me.) For fun, I also keep a USB key handy.

Anyone else have a Futureshop in her purse? Or at least a microfibre cloth? Is a clean phone screen a beautiful thing for you?