Pumped Up Kicks: Converse + the Hudson's Bay Wool Blanket

Converse_Jack Purcell_Hudson's Bay Company blanket

Would you like a blanket to keep your toes warm this Fall? If it's these Converse-meets-Canadiana sneaks, sign us up too, please. That really is the Hudson's Bay wool blanket re-styled as trendy kicks.

The special-edition Hudson's Bay Company Jack Purcell collection ($120 to $140) is set to hit the ground running at The Bay on September 1st. Three styles will be available: the Jack Purcell Duck Boot (above left), the Helen (middle), and the unisex Jack Purcell (right).

Aside from the brightly striped Hudson's Bay wool blanket fabric, details include threaded stitching, antique brass eyelets, and the requisite Jack Purcell and Hudson's Bay logos. The Duck Boot collar and heel stay is leather.

The Hudson's Bay Company was founded in 1670. The wool used to create its iconic blankets -- and now these first-ever shoes -- is dyed, sun dried, then spun into yarn. The colour stripes are traditional shades, the hot hues of the 18th Century.

Converse debuted in 1908.

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, faster than my wallet.

Are you eyeing a pair of these Converse + Hudson's Bay Company Jack Purcell sneaks?

Apologies to Foster the People. But my song is happier.