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Mani Monday: Essence 3-D Pearls + Fall/Winter Nail Polish Wins

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Essence Cosmetics 3D Pearls

Essence Cosmetics 3D Pearls

Prepare yourself for awesome balls! This Fall/Winter nail polish season, Essence has released a bunch of amazingly inexpensive, on-trend, good quality stuff that you need to check out. First, let's go balls-up with Essence 3-D Pearls art effect nails.

Essence Color & Go Deep Sea, Baby, Essence Effect Nails, Essence Gel-Look Top Coat

Essence Color & Go Deep Sea, Baby, Essence Effect Nails, Essence Gel-Look Top Coat

The Stuff from left: Essence Color & Go in Deep Sea, Baby ($1.99); Essence Effect Nails in Candy Buffet 3D Pearls ($2.49; it's balls!); and Essence Gel-Look Top Coat ($2.49).

Essence 3D Pearls

Essence 3D Pearls

Essence Effect Nails Candy Buffet 3D Pearls -- Essence balls unpacked.

Essence 3D Pearls stuck on and smushed down

Essence 3D Pearls stuck on and smushed down

Essence Nail Effects Candy Buffet 3D Pearls -- balls on wet polish, gently pressed into place with cuticle pusher (yup, balls everywhere).

Essence 3D Pearl application

Essence Color & Go with Pearls

Finished Essence Candy Buffet with topcoat. I would suggest no top coat on these balls – it seems to make the colours bleed and lose their brightness.

Was the Essence Effect Nails in Candy Buffet 3D Pearls manicure fun to do? Sure – and pretty easy, too! Does it take long to dry? Yep, longer than they say it will. Was it fun to remove? Uh, not especially. Did it last long? Nope. Was it worth it for one night out? For sure!

Essence Effect Nails 3D Fall Winter

More Fall/Winter polish effect 3D pearls and glitter, too.

Essence Mister Rusty - Colour and Go

Essence Colour & Go - Mister Rusty

A bunch of colour goodies have been added to the Essence core collection, too. Along with the Deep Sea, Baby ($1.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart) I used with the Candy Buffet balls of fun, Essence Colour & Go in Mister Rusty ($1.99) is also new for fall. I’m not usually a fan of bronze-y golds but hey -- this one is great!

Essence Fame Fatal - Colour and Go

Essence Colour & Go - Fame Fatal

Essence Colour & Go 114 Fame Fatal ($1.99) is a smashingly good poppy red.

Essence Grey To Be Here

Essence Colour & Go - Grey to Be Here

Essence Colour & Go 142 Grey To Be Here ($1.99) is a beautiful dove grey with a touch of shimmer.

Essence Nude Glam - Cafe Ole

Essence Nude Glam - Café Ole

Essence Nude Glam 05 Café Ole, ($1.99) is a perfect nude with a teeny hint of iridescence.

Essence Date in the Moonlight - Colour and Go

Essence Colour & Go - Dane in the Moonlight

Essence Color & Go 126 Date In The Moonlight ($1.99) -- I do love a mysterious midnight blue.

Okay, that’s not all. After I had tried all the stuff you just looked at, I went to the store to see if there was anything else new-ish that I hadn’t yet acquired. Lookitwhatifound!

Essence Colour & Go with Nail Art Stamping Kit

Essence Colour & Go - Chic Reloaded + Stamping Kit

It’s a duochrome! And it’s from Essence! Lookit the price! Holy Unicorns, Batman! I bought it. Yes, I did. And yes, even though I really do prefer a simple nail colour with no nail art, I bought a stamping kit too. How could I not? I mean, even though I’m not a fan of the stamped look (or nail art in general), everyone else seems to be doing it so maybe I should try it and see what’s the what. It’s not like that little kit broke the bank or anything. Maybe I’ll use it and maybe I won’t. If I do, you can bet I’ll show you what happens.

So, back to my brand spankin’ new $1.99 duochrome…

Essence Chic Reloaded - Colour and Go

Essence Colour & Go - Chic Reloaded 

Essence Color & Go 122 Chic Reloaded -- ta da! Pretty awesome, right? I’m so happy. It’s right on target with the fall/winter nail trends for 2013. Darker than OPI Peace, Love & OPI and Essie For The Twill Of It (because those two are basically twins -- see them in our Fall 2013 Powerhaus Polishes Part II post), and equally as stunning, it practically demands that duochrome fans buy it at first sight. Buy it now.

Essence Cosmetics Display at Shoppers Drug Mart

Essence Cosmetics Display @ Shoppers Drug Mart

A German line made in France, Essence here in Canada (since early 2012 -- see here) is an under-known brand, perhaps because of their limited distribution. I’ll tell you what though, the polish is good -- yes, it is. I really dig their brush, too. One of the best, it's right up there with the OPI brush. I really like their range of enthusiastic colours, and I really, really dig the dry time. Two coats and you’re out the door. The price is simply a bonus. $1.99. Gimmie all of that.

This post was 100% not sponsored. Nope. Not. This post and all contained herein is all about my new love affair with Essence nail polish.

Essence Effect Nails, Essence Color & Go, and Essence Nude Glam are all available at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Check the Essence website to find the one closest to you.

Manicures ’n photos by Karen Falcon (she can knit).