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Bee Happy: Honey by Lush, Marc Jacobs, The Body Shop and Fresh

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A bee in Toronto_copyright Janine

Looks like unemployment won't ever be an issue for worker bees. That's not just due to an uptick in demand for honey by Lush, Marc Jacobs, The Body Shop and Fresh, but what a client list, right? From shampoo to perfume to bubble-bath melt to fancy face mask, here's a sampling of honey happening in beauty now and later this Fall/Winter.

a worker bee's lifetime output_one stick

fun bee and honey facts

  • According to the Toronto Botanical Gardens, worker bees literally work a lifetime to produce about half a teaspoon of honey each -- that's the content of one of the sticks in the image above.
  • In the summer (high-production season), a worker's lifespan is about six weeks. Off-season, it's between four and nine months.
  • Honey is a natural humectant; its sugars attract and bind moisture to the skin (it's also a useful make-it-stay-on-skin ingredient for natural face masks -- mix with avocado, or oatmeal, or yogurt).
  • Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties -- nutrition expert Megan Telpner shares beauty and burn-soothing tips about honey here.
  • A less fun fact is that bees are in trouble right now -- this story explains what scientists think is the probable cause.
  • You can help busy bees by purchasing this sweet Burt's Bees Wild for Bees bracelet designed by Canadian Jenny Bird.
  • In the USA, August 17th is National Honey Bee Day -- Canadians can participate, too (see below).

honey by lush fresh handmade cosmetics

LUSH honey

You don't have to live in the US to enjoy the the buzz around National Honey Bee Day on August 17th. That's because all Canadian locations of Lush Cosmetics, in partnership with HoneyLove Urban Beekeepers, will host in-store activities to celebrate worker bees and their lifetime achievements. A few of Lush's honey potions: Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo (from $9.95 -- btw, it's 50% honey); Lush Mr. Bumble soap + bath bomb ($15); Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm ($7.25); and Lush Flying Saucers Shower Gel (from $9.95, exclusively online).

honey marc jacobs

Honey Marc Jacobs bottle

Honey Marc Jacobs (from $27.50,, available now) is a sunny floral scent with opening notes of pear, mandarin and "fruity punch," middle notes of orange blossom, peach nectar and honeysuckle, and base notes of honey, golden vanilla and smooth woods. I usually run away when I see vanilla in the dry-down list. But at first sniff, Honey Marc Jacobs reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Arden Sunflower. Cheerful, bright and olfactorily accessible, Honey is a good-mood perfume. Wear it when you want to smile.

Marc Jacobs Honey lower bottle

The playful bottle, a collaborative design by Coty and Jacobs, is a mood-lifter too. Put it somewhere on your desk so you have something fun to look at when your busy-bee workday gets to you.

the body shop honeymania

The Body Shop Honeymania_creamy body scrub_shower gel

The most important thing to know about The Body Shop Honeymania collection is that it does not smell like honey. (That's great for me -- I love honey on buttered toast, but I'm not fond of natural honey scent. *shrug*)

The BodyShop Honeymania_Ethiopian Honey

Honeymania has a lightly floral fragrance, inspired by the natural floral hints in the Community Fair Trade Ethiopian Forest honey used by The Body Shop for this collection. (The Ethiopian worker bees source their nectar from exotic fragrant flora -- and honey, it's delicious.)

The Body Shop Honeymania_Cream Body Scrub

Also important: this Ethiopian honey is harvested from hives of wild bees who buzz freely about the African rainforest rather than a farm-colony hive. And each item in the The Body Shop Honeymania collection is made with the contribution of 95 hardworking bees.

The Body Shop Honeymania collection

The Body Shop Honeymania lineup (from $4,, October 7) consists of soap, lip balm, shower gel, bubble bath melt (ooh!), creamy body scrub, body butter and eau de toilette.

fresh creme ancienne ultimate nourishing honey mask

Fresh Creme Ancienne Honey Mask

Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman told Beautygeeks that the new Fresh Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask ($150, Sephora, January 2014) was a challenge to create because of its high percentage of honey. It took him four years (and LVMH technology -- LVMH has a majority stake in Fresh) to create a luscious-yet-light gel-cream formula that is 38% pure Buckfast Bee honey.

Fresh Creme Ancienne Honey Mask texture

The formula has a mild, sweet-honey scent and includes echinacea extract for its detoxifying properties; meadowfoam seed oil for its fatty acids; seabuckthorn oil for its omegas and antioxidant content; shea butter; and Vitamin E. Much easier to apply than honey from the larder, the Fresh Honey Mask washes away without stickiness. Post-rinse, my skin was bright and smooth, ready to drink in toner, serum and moisturizer.

Yes, that $150 price tag is a bit steep for many -- the Creme Ancienne lineup is Fresh's premium collection of skincare, best suited for Fancy Beauty Pants types (you know who you are).

Snapshots via Fujifilm Finepix F770 EXR; © 2013 Janine Falcon