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Why Doesn't Your Salon Offer Soak-Off Gel Pedicures?

If your salon does UV gel manicures, it can absolutely do UV gel pedicures, too. Truth.
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UV manicure light box an Gelish soak-off gel.

UV manicure light box an Gelish soak-off gel.

I once encountered a salon in Montreal that did not offer soak-off gel pedicures although Shellac and OPI GelColor manicures were on the menu. The staff didn't know how to facilitate the gel curing on toes. Fast-forward more than a year... and apparently there are still Shellac-friendly salons that don't offer soak-off gel pedicures (aka Shellac* pedicures). Why is that?

Some will say it's because soak-off gel pedicures are expensive. Maybe so in the summer when you can slip out of the salon in flip flops before your polish dries, but come winter-boots time, time is money. Show me a client who has time to sit around and wait for her polished toes to dry, and I'll show you a client who has never known the joy of jumping right into her socks and boots seconds after her gel pedi is over.

If know-how is the reason your salon doesn't have Shellac pedicures on the menu, ignorance ends here. The only thing a soak-off-gel-savvy technician needs to know is that hell-yeah, the UV gel lamp that cures the colour on your fingertips can be used to cure the colour on your toes.



The OPI LED UV lamp is genius for soak-off gel pedicures. It has no base, so your technician can just put it over your toes as per the image above, to cure LED-sensitive gel. (Yep, that's my left foot.)

CND fluorescent UV lamp

CND fluorescent UV lamp

But if your salon has only CND fluorescent UV lamps... guess what? You, too, can enjoy soak-off gel pedicures! The plate upon which your hand rests inside the lamp comes out. See the above image. Underneath that plate is a mirrorred surface onto which clients can simply slide their toes.

As for removal, the foil method with pure acetone works as well on toes as it does on fingers. Bonus: you'll still be able to text and email etc. on your phone while you're soaking off.

Done and done.

You're welcome.

*Like "Kleenex," the word "Shellac" is often used to refer to an entire product category. A "Shellac" pedicure usually means any soak-off gel pedi done with Shellac, OPI GelColor, Artistic Colour Gloss, Gelish, Entity, etcetera.