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Spray Bronzer: A Fast, Easy, Natural-Looking Blotchy-Chest Solution

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BEFORE Guerlain spray bronzing powder mist

I never expected to become dependent on something as frivolous as a pricey spray bronzer. Yet I can't do withoutGuerlain Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder Mist ($60, Guerlain boutiques) to even out my sun-damaged décolleté in seconds.

I blame Guerlain makeup pro and Paris-based Canadian expat Maxime Poulin. His demo in the quick video below caught my attention but good: if he can use spray bronzer all over his face without even looking in the mirror, I needed to try the stuff myself.

BEFORE Guerlain spray bronzing powder mist

The before-and-after photos. I like the natural-looking, not-too-perfect sheer finish. Plus I'd rather avoid self-tanner, and not just because of That Smell. I worry self-tanner would darken the hyperpigmentation as well as the paler skin. This spray simply blurs the colour difference. And did I mention the application took about three seconds?

AFTER Guerlain Spray Bronzing Powder Mist

Here's Maxime's totally cute super-short demo:

spray bronzing powder details
1) not a self-tanner, this is a spray bronzer that washes off in the shower
2) faster, more convenient décolleté application than applying pressed-powder bronzer with a brush
3) must hold the spray a good 10-inches away from skin
4) the mist is attracted to skin -- but don't spray it over light or white fabric
5) nope, not waterproof, but it stays put really well given that I don't spend much time outside in melty weather if I can help it
6) available in two shades, 01 (light) and 02 (medium)

Do you have to even out the skintone on your upper chest like I do? Have you tried Guerlain Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder Mist? Or any other brand's spray bronzing powder?

For Maxime's great tips on choosing the right bronzer shade + contouring and lifting the face with powder bronzer, click here. For more info visit