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Boundary Issues: How to Keep Cuticles Clean -- with Glue? -- When You Paint Your Nails

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Gelish Shake It Til You Samba_Tips Nail Bar

Some people just can't seem to colour inside the lines (*points to self; sighs*). Or keep cuticles clean when they paint their nails (am particularly hopeless re: painting right-hand nails -- #righthanded). Not a problem for a pro at say, Tips Nail Bar, or any other noted manicure bar or salon. But for regular folk, sometimes... 'nuff said.

coat cuticles and surrounding skin with glue before your manicure

Shaky-hand types could clean up polish-smeared cuticles with acetone and a Q-Tip (hands up if you've noticed how easy it is to go through 400 Q-Tips). Or you could go the preventative route with... craft glue? Well, why not? It dries clear, then peels off easily after you've finished your mani. Right?

Or you could keep cuticles clean with a pre-mani smear of Vaseline. Or rub oil around your nail bed, and swipe the nail with acetone before painting.

If you lack a steady polish hand, how do you ensure you colour inside the lines? How 'bout that glue idea?

Craft glue image via via Melody Prosser who asked me about this on Facebook. Opening mani in Gelish Shake it 'til You Samba by Leeanne Colley, Tips Nail Bar.