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Mani Monday: It's Blackout-Friendly Light Cap Nail Polish, Yo!

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Northwest Toronto_blackout_photo by Karen Falcon ia Instagram

Look what you could have been doing this during any and all of our recent monsoon-related blackouts. No candlelight required.

Canadian cosmetics company Lise Watier debuted a bright idea earlier this year. Lise Watier Light Cap Nail Lacquer ($12.50, features a light in the cap, which is tremendously helpful for those of us with fading eyesight (#agingsucks) and power problems because Mother Nature is cray-cray-cranky.

Lise Watier Light Cap Nail Polish

Lise Watier Light Cap Nail Polish

The Light Cap nail polish collection offers 18 shades for now; in the photo and 16-second vid below is Pink Tartan, a new Fall 2013 shade. (See more Fall 2013 nail polish shades here.)

Lise Watier Light Cap - Pink Tartan

Lise Watier Light Cap - Pink Tartan

Pink Tartan reminds me of the nail polish shade Claire (Molly Ringwald) wears in The Breakfast Club; you see it perfectly in the scene in which she gives Bender (Judd Nelson) her diamond stud earring after detention. (Found a clip! See end of post.)

Have you seen this Light Cap nail polish concept before? Great idea for blackout times, right? If you have nothing better to do.

Blackout photo, manicure, manicure photo and video by Karen Falcon.

*grin* Re: The Breakfast Club, check out Claire's mani at 0:55...