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yes, age matters when it comes to getting the shape right
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Liza Herz_after Eye Love Brow Bar

If, after an over-tweezing session in your 20s, you haven't got enough brow left to investigate the services of a noted brow expert in your city, tag along with your most excellent brow-blessed friend to document her experience. That's what I did when our Liza (Leeza) Herz declared she'd booked a brow shaping appointment with Mary at Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar in downtown Toronto. Mary, a makeup artist, is building herself a reputation as the brow whisperer in town.

Mary's tweezers at Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar_Toronto

A brow whisperer understands that thin brows add years and severity to a face. She's not afraid to tell clients to let brows grow wild for several weeks before shaping. She takes bone structure, facial features, the natural brows and even age into account when shaping (Tip alert from Mary: on a more mature face, dramatic arches that angle too sharply down at the tail can make eyes look droopy). She instinctively knows when to tweeze from above the brow as well as below. And when she fills brows in, they still look natural, with a bit of polish. All that is Mary at Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar.

Liza Herz_brows before Eye Love Brow Bar

Liza's brows before Mary's expert attention. (True story: I met Mary earlier this week at The Shopping Channel; she was doing demos for Tweezerman. I didn't realize she was Mary from Eye Love, but I noticed her work and told her, "You give good brow!")

Liza Herz_after Eye Love Brow Bar

This is Liza's post-shaping shot, freshly tweezed.

Liza Herz_brows before and after_Eye Love Brow & Beauty

Liza's before-and-after shot.

What do you think?

Dying over Liza's gorgeous lip colour? I do every time she wears it. Her favourite fuchsia, it's L'Oreal Paris Colour Caresse by Colour Riche Lipstick in Velvety Fuchsia.