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Geeking Out: Boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector Alert

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Liz and Ronnie_Boxx Cosmetics_TheShoppingChannel

Omigod, I may have just found my new favourite corrector duo. This is Liz (left) and Ronnie. Neither looks as though they've ever had a dark circle in their lives. Do they look like they're wearing makeup? I took these snapshots in natural light, no flash. Do you see any product caking or creasing under their eyes? Here, take a closer look:

Liz_Boxx Cosmetics_TheShoppingChannel

Here's Liz, who is in her mid-30s.

Ronnie_Boxx Cosmetics_TheShoppingChannel

And here's Ronnie, who is in her late 60s. I stood closer IRL and scrutinized their skin, and saw nothing.

Liz closeup_Boxx Cosmetics_TheShoppingChannel

Here, even closer.

Ronnie closeup_Boxx Cosmetics_TheShoppingChannel

See? Nothing thick, nothing cakey. But as you'll see from the before-and-after shots below, these ladies are not wearing nothing.

Liz_before and after_Boxx Cosmetics_TheShoppingChannel

Ronnie_before and after_Boxx Cosmetics_TheShoppingChannel

Liz and Ronnie are wearing only a brightening and concealing duo from newish Canadian company Boxx Cosmetics. And Ronnie applied it herself off camera before each of the brand's segments throughout the day. (Ronnie couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to put on -- "it takes just a couple of minutes!" she kept saying in wonder.)

Boxx Cosmetics_Cream Corrector Kit

I haven't tried the Boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector Kit ($64.99 + S&H, yet, but I'm dying to now. Not only is the texture insane -- it blends into skin so brilliantly -- the cream formulas contain ceramides and peptides, which hydrate and reduce signs of aging over time. Boxx founder Sandra Milligan says she worked on the formulation of her makeup line for eight years.

I'll have more info for you shortly. Ordinarily I'd research and sample before writing about it, but seeing the makeup on Liz and Ronnie in person on Monday sent me into full geek-out mode. Consider this a teaser. In the meantime, you can learn more and see the demo video here, on (Note how little makeup the ladies are wearing!)

Boxx Cosmetics launched last year and has hosted a couple of press events since then, neither of which I was able to attend. Did you happen to go? Have you tried this Boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector Kit?