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Soul Sister: The Life Lesson Tootsie Taught Dustin Hoffman About Beauty

Dustin Hoffman Tootsie and a life-lesson in beauty -- this interview about the actor's epiphany via his role as Dorothy Michaels in the 1983 movie Tootsie is viral for good reason.
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Dustin Hoffman_Tootsie

Dustin Hoffman's emotional revelation about his experience as Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie (1983) has struck a new, viral chord. I'm not sure I buy the "brainswashed" thing -- we're each responsible for how we respond to others. But Hoffman's closing words are a powerful reminder that beauty lives in more places than some are willing to look. (#theirloss)

I saw Tootsie in theatres, and have seen it at least once more since on television. Of course seeing the film isn't a prerequisite for weighing in on this interview clip -- what do you think?