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F is for Four Eyes: Eyewear à  la Dan Levy, The Spectacled, Swarovski + More

If you chose invisible frames for your specs to minimize their impact on your style, it's time to rethink your strategy. Here: great eyewear -- eyeglasses and shades -- to inspire.
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Dan Levy_DL Eyewear

Sunglasses have always had much more personality than spectacles, probably because people associate them with leisure time and fun. Over the years though -- and by years I mean since I had to wear them -- specs have caught up style-wise. I almost look forward to the readers I'll need when age gets the better of my eyes (our Liza has a handsome pair I think she picked up from Joe Fresh). In the meantime, if you're in the market for new goggles, whether sunnies or frames for your everyday glasses, here's what's caught our attention in eyewear.

General consensus at Beautygeeks headquarters is that TV personality Dan Levy is totally cute. His spanking new eyewear line, DL Eyewear, is hot too.

Dan Levy Eyewear_Sasha

Modelled by Levy and e-Talk producer/LaineyGossip columnist Sasha Tong (#beautyenvy), the well-edited collection of spectacle frames and sunglasses is sharp, stylish and affordable ($95 each).

Dan Levy eyewear 1

Check out the DL Eyewear collection at

The Spectacled

Further four-eyes inspiration comes from eyewear-geeks photographer Phil Birnbaum and writer Tim Chan, and their smart style site While street-style blogs have never really interested me, the geek in me is drawn to The Spectacled. Could be because of my former-and-soon-to-be-again four-eyes status. Could be that eyeglasses tend not to depend on the size that hangs most in my closet. Could be the great photos. Could be The Spectacled goes beyond "oh hai, we like glasses" into geeky details about design, designers and materials. Mostly it could be because I like how Phil and Tim see things.

KayTran sunglasses

I do have a problem finding frames that fit my face, however. My half-Asian bone structure is the issue: the bridge of my nose is slight, so many of the oversize sunglasses styles I admire sit uncomfortably against my cheeks and suction themselves to my face in three out of four seasons. I'm not alone in that challenge, obviously. Happily, Toronto-based Kathy Tran (above right) has addressed those issues with her universal-fit KayTran collection of eyewear.

KayTran shades

I geeked out about KayTran here when the line first launched and have my eye on a number of frames (#ifonlyIcouldmakeadecision), including the aviators Lucy Liu (#IwanttobeLucyLiu) wears here.

Swarovski eyewear

I can't help this aside: whenever I think of Swarovski, I mourn the loss of my gorgeous crystal Nirvana ring (#complimentsmagnet), which, just two weeks after I bought it, met a shattering, tragic end when it abruptly met a tile floor. But this is about eyewear, and Swarovski has it, in "Asian fit" too. That's a flatter construction (pun not intended; love it, though), like KayTran's, which makes them a great fit for any nose bridge.

Swarovski eyewear SpringSummer 2013

While these sunglasses aren't my style, they might be yours. I'm more about the Ciara black sunglass frames here.

Lesa Hannah-and-her-awesome Derek Cardigan eyewear-frames

I can't leave Derek Cardigan out of this lineup. I first geeked out about Derek Cardigan eyeglasses on Fashion Magazine's beauty director Lesa Hannah (and wrote about them here) and of course covet a pair for myself. I'm lousy at math, but my geek side can't resist those math-symbol accents.

If you wear eyeglasses, do you love your frames? Do you take more style risks with your shades?