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F is for Face Flaunting: How to Take a Great Selfie Profile Photo

Some selfies may well be the worst things that have ever happened to the Internet. Make it stop. Please share the following how-to tips with the needy.
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Janine Falcon_Maybelline NY makeup pro Grace Lee

Selfies may well be some of the worst things ever to happen to the Internet and cel phone screens. I'm conflicted in having to admit that although the word "selfie" has been around for a relatively short time, I've been taking with-friends types for 27 years (*gulp*).

I tell you why I started + buddy tips here and give profile-photo tips, selfies or not, here. Of course I've been taking them -- and solo selfies -- with far more purpose since I started Beautygeeks five years ago. Lots of other people have been snapping their own selves too, since Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram have become everyday (sometimes every hour or every minute) life elements. And not all are successful selfies (#statingtheobvious).

How-to-take-a-great-profile-picture-no-selfies_photo Dallas

More how-to-help has arrived in the form of a fantastic and funny post by Dallas Curow over at Dallas is a wonderful professional photographer and makeup artist who knows exactly what it takes to look your best on screen and in print (look for her makeup tutorials at, too). Please help make the Internet a better place by sharing her 13 Posing Tips for a great profile picture with the needy.

And please tell me you've never seen the above pose looking back at you from your camera screen.

That's nice Maybelline New York makeup pro Grace Lee with me in the recently-snapped opening photo selfie; above photo by Dallas Curow for