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Downsizing: Why You Need to Ditch Your Big Fluffy Brush for a Small Powder Brush

Back away from the big, fluffy powder brush. We need a small powder brush instead -- makeup pro Sonia Kashuk tells us why.
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A small powder brush_pink

The older we get, the less powder we want to wear because it tends to settle in wrinkles and make them look more obvious and dry. Dewy skin looks younger than matte -- it reflects light better and looks brighter. Powder is best restricted to trickier areas of the face where shine is an issue, such as around and under the nose, under the lower lip, and a bit on the forehead.

"I'm very minimalist with powder in general," says makeup pro Sonia Kashuk, who has famously worked with Cindy Crawford and is the creator of her own line of makeup, brushes and related accessories for Target. (She's also trying to get us to wash our makeup brushes every day.)

It's hard to be judicious with powder if you're using a big, fluffy powder brush, however. Rather than use a large brush, Sonia uses a small, multi-purpose brush similar to the pink one in the photo above (the dark-bristle brush next to it is a blush brush size). With a small powder brush, "you can spot-powder where you want it, leave highlights where you want them -- it's a very controlled application," she explains.

For years, since it first launched, my favourite brush for a controlled application of powder on others is the Clinique Eye Shader Brush. It sweeps nicely around nooks and cranies, and of course all over the lids (and under eyes, too, on young faces).

What size is your powder brush of choice? Could you downsize?