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Lipstick Diary: What I Wore That Day

Should have called this "What I Wore EVERY Day." It's such a beautiful colour, my lipstick of the summer.
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Bite Beauty Lip Lab Custom Colour Lipstick_Zinfandel + White

This.I am so much in love with this delicious lipstick shade that I worry about running out. It's the lipstick I've been wearing pretty much every day since I got it just about four weeks ago.

A rich, creamy, sugary pink (or is it a petal pink?), it prompts compliments each time I wear it -- "delicious" was just this morning (thanks, Sam!).

All natural, anti-oxidant rich and flavoured with a hit of berry extract, this is Bite Beauty Lip Lab Custom Lipstick in Zinfandel + White. Custom Creations don't have a specific price tag in Canada; at a Sephora Lip Lab event, they're free with the purchase of a regular Bite Beauty item.

If you live in NYC, you're very lucky: you can request this shade from Bite's new Lip Lab location in Soho ($28 USD). Zinfandel + White (yep, a blend of a colour called Zinfandel and white pigment) was mixed for me as I waited in anticipation at a recent Sephora Canada Fall preview. You'll be able to snag one at a future Sephora Lip Lab event, but we've no news yet on a firm schedule.

Here, have a look at how Bite makes their lipsticks on demand:

If you're going to be near 174 Prince St. in Soho, NYC, would you pick up another Zinfandel + White for me, please? It makes me so happy -- thanks, Susanne!

An alternative if you have no nice friends in NYC, or want to spend less than $10, is this Avon Color Precise Lipstick in Fuchsia Finish.