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Chill Out: Clever Cool-It Caddy Makeup Bags Prevent Makeup Meltdowns

Ever had a makeup-bag meltdown in hot weather? A Cool-It Caddy freeze-able makeup case could be your cosmetics saviour.
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Heat-sensitive cosmetics

When the temperature gets sweltery, I give serious thought to what I'll keep in my purse. I won't risk a Tom Ford Lipstick. It's $52! (Sorry for your melty loss, Lauren!) I won't risk a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($26, again -- that deliciously soft texture liquefies in extreme heat (#Iknowfromexperience). I'm worried about risking a pretty Sonia Kashuk Moisture Luxe Tinted Lip Balm ($10, Target); its little price tag is belied by its sleek, heat-conducting metal casing. Years ago I did once risk a metal-clad Cargo lip gloss quad -- and opened the container hours later to discover the four shades had become one. sticky. drippy. uni-colour. mess. (Remember that, Meg? I'd left it in a bag in your car. Doh!)

Deborah Vinci knows a little something about melted makeup. An avid outdoor-sports enthusiast -- she golfs and plays tennis -- she got tired of losing her lip balms, lipsticks and sunscreen to the unrelenting Scottsdale, AZ sun. Rather than cart around a cooler like beer-swilling frat boy, she decided to invent what she couldn't find: a nice-looking, purse-sized zippered case to keep heat-sensitive items cool. Four years ago, the nifty Cool-It Caddy line of insulated, freezer-pack-esque makeup bags was born. And on Tuesday June 18th, the Classic models debut in Canada via The Shopping Channel.

Cool-It Caddy classic

Perfect for hot-weather hiking, boating, picnics, hitting the park with the kids and so on, each Cool-It Caddy (about $30) features channels of coolant built into the front and back walls of the bag, so the chill is evenly distributed. Throw one in the freezer overnight, in the morning fill it with your makeup and sunscreen, and go. Even if you leave the case in direct sunlight on the front seat of your car for a few hours (see what happens when this newsguy in Arkansas does that), it'll protect your stuff from melting down. Obviously, keeping it out of the sun, or stashing it in your purse or gym bag, will extend the length of time the case will keep its cool.

chill-out tips

  • when not in use, store your Cool-It Caddy in the freezer to extend the life of the coolant
  • remove personal items from the case before freezing
  • stuff the empty case with a washcloth before freezing to create maximum interior space as the gel chills
  • having two Cool-It Caddys makes it easy to have a frozen case ready each morning -- just transfer the contents from the case you used the previous day into the freshly frozen case, and toss the other into the freezer for the following morning
  • you can leave the Cool-It Caddy in a hot car or in direct sunlight, but you'll get an even longer chill time if you don't
  • more details at
Cool-It Caddy Classic makeup

items to keep on ice

  • lipstick
  • lip balm
  • eye pencils
  • cream or stick blush
  • concealer and foundation
  • mini package of wipes
  • facial mist
  • sunscreen
  • eye drops
  • medication
  • chocolatey protein bars (or Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisps *grin*)
Cool-It Caddy Icepops freezable makeup bags_available in Canada at The Shopping Channel.jpg

On the Cool-It Caddy website, you'll see several styles of cases, including brightly coloured canvas Icepops (above) and a version for men. But for now only the Classic ($29.99 + S&H -- less than the price of a fancy lipstick) will be available via The Shopping Channel in Canada, starting tomorrow at noon, 4 pm and 8 pm (at 44 minutes past the hour). Cool-It Caddy doesn't ship over the border via its website just yet. For more information, visit or call (480) 621-5756.

I was introduced to the Cool-It Caddy in the hopes I might agree to talk it up on The Shopping Channel; I dig the concept so much that I had to tell you about it here. (I don't make a commission on sales, I just think it's great.)

What do you think of this concept?